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DUE NOW Date July 23, 2018
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Friday, July 27, at 1:00
299 Kiwi Palm CT, Jacksonville 32081

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1 HD Listing Photography

Our HD Listing Photography package includes all the photographs we take, 1hr of onsite time, if it is overcast we will insert a blue sky for free ($25 value), we will insert fire into fireplaces if the home is staged ($25 value) We enhance the photographs with our artistic filter that we have developed over the years, our computer monitors are professionally calibrated to provide accurate brightness and colors. We photograph with full color, we do not gray or make our photographs neutral, we want them to pop. Photographs are returned the following day by midnight.

1 Zillow Walk Through

Perform Zillow walk through video

1 FAA Authorization

FAA Authorization:

1 3d Tour

Our 3d tours allow you to hold an open house 24/7 online. You will receive the 3d tour of the home with 6 MONTHS OF HOSTING, 36 photographs generated by the tour (if you do not add on Hd Listing Photography) 360 degree and doll house photographs for marketing. Tours generally take 3-4 hours to complete. If the home exceeds 5,000 sq ft, add $50 for additional processing fees. Tours are returned within 2 days. We recommend adding Hd listing photography for $110 or our exterior only package for $75.

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Processing fees $10.23
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