360 Johns Creek Pkwy
St. Augustine, Fl 32092

Phone: (940) 222-0204 (940) is correct

DUE NOW Number INV-426
DUE NOW Date July 15, 2018
Due Date July 21, 2018
Total Due $50.00

Thursday, July 19, Arrival Time between 2:00 and 3:00pm
Listing address: 4908 Brookside Drive, Denton, Tx 76226
Home is: Occupied, Sq. Ft: 2000
Access info: Someone will be present

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1 2 Business Day Reschedule Fee

We reserve your appt, however if you need to cancel and its within 2 business days we will charge you a set fee. If we can fill the appt then your fee is waived. If you are constantly rescheduling we will no longer offer you our services because you occupy the appt wasting our time and our clients.

1 FAA Authorization

FAA Authorization:

Sub Total $50.00
Processing fees $0.00
Total Due $50.00